Day 5, iPhone 5 30-Day Photography Challenge: Something Orange

By: Anna Gentry

Jul 20 2013


Category: Photography

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Focal Length:4.13mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:iPhone 5
Something Orange

I have decided to experiment with some apps during this iPhone 5 Photography Challenge. I used the HDR FX Pro App to create a “Tokyo” colored image since this option highlighted the brilliant orange hues. I then imported it into iPhoto and selected “antique” to help slightly mute the color.

While I took the photo, I gently pressed the screen in order to obtain the maximum macro mode the iPhone 5 allows. Overall, this app is relatively interesting and a definite “must-have” for any iPhone photographer.

On a separate note, all of these cookbooks are simply fantastic!


One comment on “Day 5, iPhone 5 30-Day Photography Challenge: Something Orange”

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