Day 7, iPhone 5 30-Day Photography Challenge: Yourself With 10 Things

By: Anna Gentry

Jul 22 2013


Category: Photography

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Me with 10 Things

Here I am with 10 things. Why did I choose books? Because I love to read and write! In my opinion, there is nothing better than being surrounded by a mountainous library of books.

Curious how I took this picture? It actually makes for a rather amusing story and valuable learning lesson. I used the Camera 360 app several times, finally mirroring the image so I could balance my iPhone 5 on the top of my iMac screen to see how I was positioned in the frame. I used the “Sunshine” “MagicSkin” mode, which is beginning to grow on me. Then I tackled the task of the photo itself. I downloaded “PhotoToaster” and selected the option to “Antique” the photo. I also selected the following items for added contrast – “Contrast,” and “Black Inset.” Of course this didn’t help the fact that when you mirror the image to see yourself on the iPhone 5’s screen, it photographs everything like a mirror, which means backwards! I found myself turning to “Adobe Lightroom” to fix this mirror image debacle and voila! what you have is the above picture.


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